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IAQG Launches AIMM Application

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Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model (AIMM) offers a series of maturity steps that build commonality, creating a proactive environment

Many organizations spend an immense amount of time and money reacting to challenges and issues that reoccur year after year. Organizations wanting to improve their management system beyond compliance now have a maturity model tool to address each segment of a management system. The IAQG authored, developed, and recently released the AIMMsm application. This online application targets specific, plaguing issues, and provides a roadmap to improve an organization’s entire system by progressing through a series of maturity steps that build commonality and move from a reactive to a proactive environment. 

The AIMM application is designed to assess the entire scope of a management system, as well as detail the necessary steps for improvement across an organization. Those who utilize AIMM have the ability to select and prioritize areas of interest for improvement throughout the supply chain or within the internal manufacturing process. More importantly, organizations may conduct assessments on their own schedule and, base the timing of these assessments on the organization’s strategy, goals, or previous assessment results.

Structured in a 26 module web-based application, AIMM encompasses the 9100 Standard, QMS – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense OrganizationsThe application is highly flexible and structured for use by both certified or non-certified organizations either for the entire scope of a compliant 9100 Standard QMS or specific areas of interest.  As organizations continue to use the AIMM assessment, an added feature is the ability to compare system benchmarks contributing to a better understanding of the organization’s pace of change.

“The IAQG believes AIMM can become a steppingstone from ineffective to effective, creating more efficiency within any organization,” said Andy Maher, IAQG President. “AIMM generates a pathway to improvement and hopefully resolves re-occurring problematic issues. By doing so, the application produces an environment that encourages the workforce to self-monitor and could eventually build a culture of quality where everyone is proactive.”

Additionally, an overview webinar (scheduled for September 9, 2021) and other training materials for AIMM are available through an IAQG partnership with Plexus International.