IAQG members represent companies who carry out the design, development, manufacture and support of original equipment at system and sub-system for

  • Aviation and space products (including platforms and systems) and services
  • Land and Sea-based systems for defense applications

Trade Associations and their related bodies created by aerospace companies may be members at large. However, IAQG members are only comprised of Companies, not individuals.

Since the IAQG is a global aerospace association it includes company members who are competitors in their respective segments:

  • Airframers
  • Helicopter manufacturers
  • Engine manufacturers

Despite the competitive landscape, IAQG provides a platform for these competitors to work together to achieve common goals that benefit the industry on the global stage.

Member Levels

The IAQG is organized into three geographic sectors (AAQG, EAQG, and APAQG). Each sector carries out the International initiatives of the organization and works with its respective sponsors to publish the standards. Within each sector, there are three levels of membership: Full members, Associate members, and Affiliate members. A complete listing of members can be found on the Member Companies Page.

Full Members
With regards to the Full members, it is this group of members companies who, elected by their respective sectors, act on behalf of the sector at the General Assembly and vote on IAQG resolutions. Each sector is designated the following Full Members:

  • AAQG – 10 Full Members
  • EAQG – 10 Full Members
  • APAQG – 7 Full Members

Associate Members
Associate Members are members that do not have IAQG voting rights and attend IAQG General Assembly meetings with a consultative voice only.

Affiliate Members
Affiliate members refer to corporations that have voting rights in an IAQG sector or are a company subsidiary belonging to the same parent. Affiliate members do not have IAQG voting rights but may contribute to IAQG initiatives by providing resources.

For more information about the memberships or how to become a member, please visit our contact us page.+