Nearly 5 billion global passengers travel via the aviation industry annually, and to maintain quality, safety and performance, the industry collaboratively established the IAQG. This international body is responsible for the establishment of manufacturing standards for high quality products throughout the global aviation industry. Many companies and suppliers within the aviation industry manufacture parts and supplies for the space and defense industries as well. To that end, the IAQG serves the global aviation, space and defense industries.

The IAQG, through three geographic sectors and countless industry volunteers, ensures quality standards, industry oversight, and guidance materials are available and in use throughout the global supply chain. 

The group’s goal is to improve processes employed by the supply chain and consistently deliver high-quality and safe products through industry collaboration and standardization. 

ICOP Scheme

IAQG developed the Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) scheme that targets global harmonization of the Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS). Through ICOP, activities conducted by accredited Certification Bodies (CB) ensure best practices are met via the ICOP process and maintains the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System® (OASIS) that houses all information related to AQMS certifications, auditors and audit results. Before the ICOP scheme was established, various quality requirements were dictated by each customer, forcing them to conduct audits themselves.

Thanks to the implementation of ICOP,  the 9100 series are accepted quality standards, thus reducing audits for EACH customer.  This progression of the industry has eliminated redundant auditing, providing value in time and money to all members, suppliers and the industry at large.

The success of ICOP and the IAQG is realized in the more than 18,000 AQMS certifications covering 25,000 sites. Additionally, ICOP is recognized from authorities includes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) through AMC, the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) in Japan, and the Defense Contracting Management Agencies (DCMA) in the USA and Germany.

Standard Development 

The IAQG sets the quality standards which are used in the aviation, space and defense industries and provide input into quality improvement policies, standards, and practices. Each standard establishes common/shared tools and methods for quality improvement used by the industry’s leading companies, thus receiving mutual support in the implementation of global initiatives. 

Supplier Forums 

Supplier Forums provide an overview of the key priorities and initiatives taking place within the IAQG.  It is the supplier’s direct link to understand current and future activities and provides opportunities to:

  • learn the latest initiatives in development by IAQG; 
  • discover cost reductions through standardization of quality policies and practices; 
  • network with key personnel from major aviation, space and defense companies;
  • establish a supplier viewpoint to inform IAQG members. 

The true value of the IAQG is quietly achieved through the implementation of standards developed and certifications applied to the manufacturing processes of member companies and the aviation, space and defense industry supply chain.