The Executive Committee maintains the integrity of the IAQG and recommends overall direction on operational matters. Comprised of the three Sector leaders and one President, the EC is responsible for

    • Ensuring the IAQG objectives are adequately addressed and priority activities are given appropriate attention.
    • Providing support to Initiative teams.
    • Setting the priorities and overseeing the activities and funding of the Operating Management System and Communications Groups.
    • Ensuring the financial integrity and viability of the IAQG.
    • Supporting the President in providing a focal point to the outside world for IAQG matters.
    • Proposing Council and General Assembly meeting dates and locations to the Council.
    • Approving Council and General Assembly meeting agendas (as recommended by the facilitators) in particular ensuring all appropriate activities are addressed.

2020 IAQG Executive Committee

IAQG President: Andy Maher representing BAE Systems

AAQG Sector Lead: Susie Neal representing Raytheon Technologies (RTX)

APAQG Sector Lead: Yuji Okamoto representing SUBARU Corporation

EAQG Sector Lead: Joerg Werner representing Airbus