The IAQG establishes and maintains a cooperation, based on trust among leading aviation, space and defense companies. These companies come together on initiatives central to quality, safety and performance, making significant improvements and cost reductions throughout the value stream.

The IAQG has collaborative relationships with Industry, Authorities, Contracting Agencies, and Oversight Bodies where quality management system issues and objectives are brought forth for resolution and mutual agreement.

Civil Authorities – Working together with the international airworthiness authorities to enable local design, production and certification with global acceptance

International Space Forum – Working together to achieve standards and a certification scheme that can be effectively and efficiently used by space organizations

Defense Relationship – Coordination with NATO and defense organizations to adopt simpler, common standards

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) – Working together with industry towards recognition of IAQG standards and effective industry use, application, and certification to improve aviation safety, product quality, and efficiency of the MRO industry

Trade Associations Relationship – Establish relationships with safety, quality and aviation industry trade associations whose purpose and objectives overlap those of the IAQG