The Quality Horizon is the official podcast of the IAQG and is developed exclusively for professionals in the aerospace and defense industry. The podcast is designed to share news and updates related to the products and services​ of the IAQG. Within each episode, The Quality Horizon will feature interviews with aerospace leaders covering a mix of topics including certification and oversight, standard revisions, OASIS v3, sector news, requirements news, relationship news, industry responses, and more. 

Latest Episode: A Q&A with the SCMH Project Team

Five project management groups can be seen over the lifecycle of a project, sequentially developed with a system approach (interaction and integration between technical and organizational variables): Initiate, Plan, Execute, Close, and Monitor and Control. In this episode, we invited the SCMH Project Management Team to discuss how this work aligns with the IAQG 9145 Standard and some of the frequently asked questions they have addressed:

  1. Why this team was assembled
  2. If APQP is redundant to existing activities
  3. The value APQP brings to small/medium-sized companies or projects
  4. The similarities/differences between Project Management and 9145
  5. What part do Project Managers play in the 9145 standard
  6. If 9145 is Quality driven activity or project management-driven activity
  7. How the IAQG supports small and medium size companies
  8. If it is possible to provide a facilitated version of APQP/PM for small and medium-scale companies new beginners

The Q&A is co-hosted by team lead Pankaj Deo, Associate Director – APQP Excellence, Collins Aerospace, an RTX Business. Fellow SCMH Project Management Team members join Pankaj:

  • Amalio Monzon, Head of Digital Quality for Airbus Defence and Space
  • Ivan Banegas, QPM System UK, Airbus Commercial
  • Geoff Charron, PMP/CMB/OE, Senior Business Operations Manager, Avionics for GE Aerospace
  • Doug Truesdail, Supplier Quality Engineering, East Region Major Commodities Lead, Air Vehicle & Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  • Diana Giorgini, Aerospace & Defense Business Development Manager with ATLA
  • Marc Doolittle – IAQG PSCI Team Lead Raytheon Technologies

This episode is only an excerpt of our conversation. To hear the full interview and see their published guidance materials, visit SCMH under the Plan topic  7.9 Project Management.

All opinions expressed by the participants in this interview do not reflect the opinions of their respective companies. Content provided is for informational purposes only.


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