The IAQG recently launched The Quality Horizon, the official podcast of the IAQG. Developed exclusively for professionals in the aerospace and defense industry, the podcast is designed to share news and updates related to the products and services​ of the IAQG. Within each episode, The Quality Horizon will feature interviews with aerospace leaders that cover a mix of topics including certification and oversight, standard revisions, OASIS v3, sector news, requirements news, relationship news, industry responses, and much more. 

Latest Episode: What is Certification Oversight?

Certification oversight was formerly called the Other Party Management Team, OPMT. The decision to change the name was simple—the team wanted the name to make sense to people as soon as they read it and be clear about the responsibility of the team within IAQG.

We wanted to learn more about the name change and the responsibilities of the certification oversight team, so we invited Eric Jefferies, Senior Manager of Process Integrity with Bell-Textron and the AAQG Sector Lead and Lead for Certification Oversight, to talk more about the role of the team in writing the standard, publishing, and certifying the process.


Just as you would listen to other podcasts, The Quality Horizon is available on most podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.