The IAQG recently launched The Quality Horizon, the official podcast of the IAQG. Developed exclusively for professionals in the aerospace and defense industry, the podcast is designed to share news and updates related to the products and services​ of the IAQG. Within each episode, The Quality Horizon will feature interviews with aerospace leaders that cover a mix of topics including certification and oversight, standard revisions, OASIS v3, sector news, requirements news, relationship news, industry responses, and much more. 

Latest Episode: The Importance of Standards within the IAQG

Alan Daniels, chair of the requirements for the IAQG, expands on the topic of standards. Daniels provides a high-level explanation of how a standard becomes a standard. He shares the process of developing a standard, publishing a standard, and the current initiatives in place to refine this process, how often these standards are revised, and the metrics and tracking used to help in this process.

Daniels works for The Boeing Company and serves as vice president of the AAQG.


Just as you would listen to other podcasts, The Quality Horizon is available on most podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.