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APAQG Holds Workshop & OP Assessor Training in Korea

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KRMC held its first workshop November 19 – 20, 2021 since KS Q 9100 ICOP Scheme ran in October 2018 in Korea. KS Q 9100 certified suppliers are increasing remarkably every year. KRMC expects certifying KS Q 9100 from AS/EN9100 to be up 60 percent this year. 

With those expectations, KRMC discussed sustainable improvement and strengthening between KS Q 9100 ICOP Scheme and KSPC including other developing schemes in KAQG and Korean AS&D industry. 

KAQG is trying to develop the next indigenous certification scheme like CONSOLIDATED SUPPLIER APPROVAL CERTIFICATION which is an extended concept from QML. And KRMC is leading this strategy and activity based on KS Q 9100 ICOP Scheme. 

A graph of APAQG's KAQG 9100 certified suppliers 2014 (223) - 2022 (528).
The number of 9100 certified suppliers by year.


Active training image - APAQG's KAQG 2021 KRMC Workshop & OPA Assessor Training - November 2021To enhance ICOP Scheme effectiveness and integrity, KRMC also held an OP Assessor Supplemental Training course that included AB assessors in November. The course included IAF MD Series Review, Accreditation Procedure, Overview, ICOP Scheme Oversight Assessment, 9104-1/3 Revisions, Overview, Oversight Lesson & Learns, and strategy for KS Q 9100 ICOP Scheme development.

A group image from APAQG's KAQG 2021 KRMC Workshop & OPA Assessor Training - November 2021KRMC Workshop and OPA Training events finished successfully with a full honor of member contribution for the last four years.  As two KRMC members have successfully completed their terms, they were awarded KAQG Appreciation Plaque. Meanwhile, the KRMC chair and vice-chair were awarded the Minister Prize from the Ministry of Industry in recognition of their contribution. With the valuable KAQG activity, it is expected that the Ministry of Industry will award this prize to the KAQG members every year.